Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Once any areas of difficulty have been identified from your child’s speech, language and communication assessment, therapy intervention / treatment can follow. This could be around;

  • attention and listening– to help your child to focus and concentrate better
  • understanding of language and language processing – to help your child develop their comprehension of words, concepts and grammar or to process information they hear
  • speech sounds – to help your child produce specific speech sounds
  • talking – to help your child use certain types of word / word endings or to construct sentences
  • social communication – to help your child /young person develop specific strategies / skills to support them socially, or in their learning or life skills. This might include helping teenagers to prepare for interview.

Individual therapy enables your child to work towards these goals with me on a one to one basis. This can take place either at home or at school / nursery.

Frequency and length of therapy sessions will be discussed and depend on the needs of your child. A typical weekly session would last for approximately one hour which includes approximately 30 to 40 minutes of direct therapy as well as time to feedback about your child’s progress and time to demonstrate and discuss activities to practice at home (or school). Sessions involve various visual and interactive activities (tailored to your child’s age) and, where possible, I will incorporate your child’s interests into the activities to make them motivating and rewarding.


The exact number of sessions required varies according to the child’s needs, and will be determined according to how long the difficulty takes to resolve. However, a broad indication of the number of sessions can be discussed and agreed, which can then be adjusted according to how therapy progresses.